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This List is currently under construction, and is being updated as the days go by.

Here you will find links to all my fiction on this journal. Just click on the links and it will take you to the appropriate pages. Another note, all the subheadings are in chronological order.

Original Fiction

'Til Death Do Us Part
Her Immortal

Short Stories
The Bear of Aberystwyth (G) - Rhys!Bear is on the case when things go missing for his human.

Novel teasers
Chapter 1 - The Journal

* * * * *


The Lost Archives
Under A is "Andy'(G) - PC Andy just may have had an incident with Torchwood before Gwen got too nosy.
Under H is "History"(PG) - Set in 1952, Jack finds out why another Torchwood operative came to join the family.
Under L is "Lesson"(NC-17) - Ianto finds a mess in the archives and needs to teach the offending party a lesson.
Under M is "Mistakes"(PG) - Jack thinks he has pushed away a friend and hides away in the archives until the truth comes out.
Under N is "Naked'(R) - All ianto thought he would be doing was filing, not finding something else in the archives.
Under P is "Personnel"(PG) - After the events of Exit Wounds Ianto has a duty to do.
Under T is "Timeshift"(PG) - Jack gets a surprise visit from the Torchwood archives on one of the worst nights of his life.

The Children Through Time Books
Children in Time(R) - When five American friends on holiday stumble upon the Hub, Torchwood finds out a truth about their future and past that could alter all their lives.
The Book of David - Chapter 1(R)
The Book of David - Chapter 2(R)
The Book of David - Chapter 3(R)
The Book of David - Chapter 4(R)
The Book of David - Chapter 5(R)
The Book of David - Chapter 6(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 1(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 2(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 3(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 4(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 5(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 6(R)
The Book of Elizabeth - Chapter 7(R)
The Book of Jillian(PG)

Technically, Regrets (G)
The Naked Truth (PG-13)
Oh What A Night (R)
Geeks Buying Gifts (PG)
Before The Formaldehyde Curtain (PG-13)
Two Minutes (PG-13)
Bugged Out (PG)
"Or What?" (NC-17)
Tit for Tat, Bite for Zap (PG)
Knitly Bound (R)
Knitly Covered (NC-17)
The Last Cuppa (PG)
Holiday (PG)
Only In Torchwood (R)
Requiem of Denial (PG)
A Final Thought (PG)
Family Ties (G)
The Game's Afoot (PG-13)
Just For You (R)
Revenge (PG-13)
By Her Side (PG)
Behind Blue Eyes
Baby Love (G)
These Hands (PG-13)
Memories and Memorials (G)
And the Writer Went hubahawha... (G)

The Duncan Drabbles
The Fairy Godmother
House Call
Goodnight Moon

Short Stories
Honey, I'm Home (NC-17) - When stuck in a time loop for five years, some things are bound to happen.
For All The Girls They Loved Before (PG) - What happens when you get two romantics in the same pub? Not what one would think. (crossover with Highlander)
Alien con (PG-13) - Early on in his Torchwood career, Owen and Jack spend some alone time together.
Through A Library, Darkly (PG) - Simply wanting a new book to read leads Jack to find something different at the library.
Jack Harkness and The Goblet of Fire (R) - Jack and Ianto have a movie night with some interesting surprises.
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (PG-13) - Some time to actually talk leads Jack and The Doctor to the realization of a shared past. (Crossover with Doctor Who)
Dirty Little Secret (PG) - Owen has his secrets he does not want anyone in Torchwood to find out about.
(Un)Balanced Days (NC-17) - The Rift has a way of making things interesting for Torchwood, despite what parallel universe they are in. (cross-posted with Alternate Torchwood)
Good Medicine (NC-17) - Another day on the Torchwood front lines leaves Ianto worse for wear, but who takes care of the the caretaker?
A Souvenir (R) - Tosh and Owen have remarkable night, with a little help from The Rift.
What Andy Knew (R) - Torchwood makes strange bedfellows, in many ways.
The Best of Intentions (PG) - Jack is curious about how Owen is going to take care of Tosh's feelings for him.
Restless (PG-13) - Jack and Ianto have needs that cannot be satisfied with just a text message.
Two Pints and a Sheep (PG-13) - When your partner works for Torchwood, who do you have left to talk to?
In Old Brazil (NC-17) - Jack has a surprise for Ianto.
Court Martial (R) - Jack's flashbacks of London were not always happy ones.
A Boy Can Dream (NC-17) - Jack learns there are others out there with the same face as people he knows.
Dark Star Rising (PG-13) - When your life stretches out forever, there are some things you should never remember, and the people you can truly trust are limited. (Crossover with Doctor Who)
My Melancholy Self (PG) - The Rift has a surprise in store for two versions of Jack Harkness when they both need themselves.
Holding Out For A Hero (NC-17) - Jack and Ianto have a long needed heart to heart, and make up for it after.
The Welcoming Committee (PG) - After the events of Day 4, there is someone waiting for Ianto.
The Writer Speaks (NC-17) - Sometimes the muses prefer to argue than do what they are told to by the writer. (crack warning)
Teaboy (R) - Will the poor little teaboy be allowed to go to The Ball (Written for National Tell A Fairy Tale Day 2010)

Kama Sumatra (in progress)
Both coffee and relationships make up a normal day at Torchwood.
Leading Position (PG-13) - Jack comes back to the Hub to find a trail of caffeinated possibilities.
The Coffee Pressing (NC-17) - After sending Gwen home, Jack gets a taste of Ianto's special brew.
Pulling The Shots (NC-17) - After getting back from Geneva, Jack helps Ianto relax.
Coffee and Cream (NC-17) - A Torchwood agent cannot even get groceries without odd things happening, but what makes it better is someone at home who will take care of you and have a cup of coffee at hand.

Torchwood Lucky 7
A Proud and Future Teaboy (PG) - Ianto faces himself in the mirror and has grown to like what he sees staring back at him. (Pride)
Longing (NC-17) - Sometimes a woman's needs must be met, no matter what is the outcome. (Lust)
The Needs Of The One Outweigh The Needs Of The Many (PG-13) - When all Owen cares about is his pithy life, danger can be had by others. (Sloth)
With Some Chocolate On The Side (PG-13) - Jack goes to excess and pays the consequences... Poor Owen... (Gluttony)
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Pissed Off (R) - Sometimes the team doesn't realize everything that is done in their name. (Wrath)
Money Makes The World Go Round (PG) - Andy could be the bad guy for once with the right motivation. (Greed)
A New Shade of Torchwood Green (PG-13) - Even mild-mannered Rhys Williams has a breaking point (Envy)
What I've Done (NC-17) - Suzie is already headed towards her downfall, whether she realizes it or not yet. (All 7 Sins)

A Torchwood Thanksgiving (PG-13) - Jack enlightens the Torchwood team about the American holiday of Thanksgiving
Have Yourself a Merry Little Torchwood (PG-13) - A set of Christmas vignettes occurring during S2
'Twas The Night Before Torchwood (R) - A Christmas story set during S1
Torchwood's Colourful (and Cracked) Egg-venture (R) - An insane Easter adventure for the Torchwood team. (crack warning!)

Alternate Torchwoods
This includes one-off what-ifs, and stories I have written in other people's Alternate TW Universes.
Being Alive (NC-17) - Sometimes in the middle of the chaos of life, you need to feel alive again. [ profile] knitchick1979
The Case Of Jacqueline Harkness (R) - Jacqueline has a meeting at Torchwood One and it doesn't turn out the way she hoped. [ profile] knitchick1979
Owena's Little Secret (PG-13) - Owena deals with the events of, unfortunately, just another day at Torchwood. [ profile] knitchick1979
(Un)Balanced Days (NC-17) - The Rift has a way of making things interesting for Torchwood, despite what parallel universe they are in. [ profile] knitchick1979 (cross-posted with Torchwood Short Stories)

Gone Astray (in progress)
Using the character of Hannah Summers-Fogg from [ profile] faithharkness.
When Hannah Met Torchwood... Again - Chapter 1 (PG-13) - Hannah finds herself out of sorts at the Hub.
Parallel Dissimilarities - Chapter 2 (PG-13) - Hannah is really getting tired of just sitting and wants some answers any way she can get them.
Did Anyone Get The Name Of The Weevil Who Ran Me Over? - Chapter 3 (PG-13) - As the day heads into night, Hannah only gets more questions than answers, and might even get to answer the phone.
The Beast in The Hub - Chapter 4 (PG-13) - In which Hannah rewrites H.P. Lovecraft and her and Jack have a heart-to-heart.
And The World Kept On Turning - Chapter 5 (PG-13) - It turns out, Hannah is not the only one to visit the Hub that day.

The Lady in Green (in progress)
Someone new comes through The Rift and needs the team's help. Will they be in time to give it to her?
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Princess (in progress)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Ianto's List
A "picture-story" of all the things Ianto has to do for LJ
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A Torchwood Limerick

Jones and Smith

* * * * *

Doctor Who

Things I Learned Traveling With The Doctor(PG) - When a couple of Doctors and Companions get together, stories are told and things are said, and thusly must be recorded for posterity.

Short Stories
To Boldly Go Where No Timelord Has Gone Before(PG) - What does a Timelord do when he has some time on his hands?
The Doctor and The Writer of Magic(G) - The Doctor has a penchant for showing up in odd places, and Martha is just along for the ride.
A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (PG-13) - Some time to actually talk leads Jack and The Doctor to the realization of a shared past. (Crossover with Torchwood)
Dark Star Rising (PG-13) - When your life stretches out forever, there are some things you should never remember, and the people you can truly trust are limited. (Crossover with Torchwood)
A Brave New Donna (PG) - At the end of the day, Donna still needs her doctor.
To Walk The World(G) - Francine needs to calm her grandson down, and tells him a "fairy tale." (Written for National Tell A Fairy Tale Day 2009)
Earth, The Final Frontier(PG) - An "oops!" for The Doctor may have farther reaching implications than he thought.
Five Times The Doctor Could Have regenerated (PG-13) - Some times The Doctor might have wanted to just regenerate. (Crack warning!)

Just a Singer In a Rock and Roll Band (PG)
Ghosts (PG)
Perchance To Dream
Thoughts In Space (PG)

One Liners
Portal Store

Four stripping...

* * * * *

Science Fiction

For All The Girls They Loved Before(PG) - What happens when you get two romantics in the same pub? Not what one would think. (crossover with Torchwood)
A Leek By Any Other Name(PG) - Joe and Methos discuss just how leeks got to Wales

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