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Here are my stories. )
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I am one of the items you can bid on, or rather, my storytelling prowess, up to NC-17 in a variety of fandoms.

Tami has been having a rough time of things, and I want to do what I can to help. It doesn't take much to help someone in more ways than you can imagine. At least check out the link and see if anything strikes your fancy. And if you can't donate, spread the word.
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in the fight against cancer )
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has been on the same level of  )
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On April 21st [ profile] dr_is_in’s Husband Bill was rushed to their local hospital, with what appeared to be an acute heart-attack (He’s 36). Upon investigation at the hospital, they discovered he in-fact was in hypovolemic shock from massive blood loss. He had a huge Upper GI bleed that resulted in him losing around 50% of his blood volume. Previous investigations into his upper GI tract had missed this bleed which may have been going on for months.

Upon arrival at the hospital he was barely responsive and had stopped breathing for brief periods. Although they were able to transfuse him, and stabilize Bill was in the ICU for about a week. He was transferred over to a surgical floor, in Rochester, NY (About 3 hours from home) and is supposed to be going home today.

Bill has had a pattern of serious, life-threatening illness in the past six months including when he nearly died shortly before Christmas. Because Bill is a peritoneal dialysis patient (Also known as home dialysis). The staff on the ICU at the hospital bill is staying as is not allowed to set up and hook Bill up to the Dialysis machine. Therefore [ profile] dr_is_in has to go to the hospital every night and hook him up. Remaining there until morning when he comes off of the machine. Bill is coming home today but still needs high levels of care [ profile] dr_is_in can't do on her own.

In addition to Bill, [ profile] dr_is_in is nearing a mental breakdown trying to deal with everything. She is feeling really alone and struggling to do be able to do and meet everyone’s needs. She is forgetting her own. Because of this stress and strain on her life. Her job has put her on leave while she sorts though this and Bill’s health issues. Because she’s been put off work, after only working about 48 hours in the past 2 weeks anyway, she is now in a very sticky spot financially.

I know we’ve helped [ profile] dr_is_in, Tami, out in the past, but she really needs us again. Not asking for a lot but if you can spare a couple of $$ her pay pal account is or if you want to send her something like a Wal-Mart gift card for groceries, or a card for gas, let me know and I can give you her mailing address. (Screening comments if you want to leave your e-mail)

Thank you to the LJ community (and others outside of LJ). You are amazing when there is a friend in need!

Please re-post/link away. Boost this signal!

Angela & Carole

P.S. when sending fund via paypal remember to select it as “gift” so that paypal doesn’t too much extra off the top in the way of fees.
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This is what you get for being friends with a writer - not just fanfic, but original fic (if you're lucky!). This is a story I am working on, and the section I am sharing with you today is a segment of Chapter 1. I am curious as to what you think about the characters.

The Journal - Chapter 1 )

So? Does it have hope for a life?
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is eternal )
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-Papers and projects for courses!
-My short story for Big Finish
-TARDIS Big Bang
-Finish off the Kama Sumatra series
-Finish writing The Lady in Green and Princess
-Torchwood Lucky 7 (If you have not, you need to check out [ profile] tw_lucky_7)
-Original Fiction book The Journal, but who wants to read that?
-A story adaptation for National Tell A Fairytale Day on February 26th

I have a lot on my plate and more plotbunnies than are needed to populate the imagination of a small country. Someday soon I should be going back to the day job, but I want to do this for a living, I have stories to tell. *Sigh* WHy does it never feel like there is enough time in the days?
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I had, what it turns out was, my last Wound Care visit at the hospital. Dr. Drueck discharged me at the end of the appointment and said to not come around anymore. The wound looks so good that he said I could go swimming tonight if I wanted. I have my discharge papers in my hand and when I was leaving the doctor's office, I was beaming. When I got on the elevator to leave the hospital, I had a couple tears of joy coming down my face.

This whole 3-month ordeal (How bad was it? Turns out I was already getting sick and showing signs at Chicago TARDIS - but ya didn't know that!) of being in the hospital and being so sick the doctors weren't sure I would make it, is coming towards an end. I still have things to do - work on strengthening my legs and continue to losing weight and getting healthier - but it is an onward movement! Life goes on and so do we all, and despite the gloomy snow, today seems so bright.
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