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Monday I received a letter from the Financial Aid Office that denied me my student loan and MAP grant (monies that I received last semester), without telling me they denied me. Tonight I got a letter from Admissions and Records stating that my May 2010 graduation request is denied. Apparently I owe one section of science for my Gen-Eds (the Chemistry class I got an incomplete in last semester and am finishing up this semester), I did not complete my major and minor (I owe ONE CREDIT HOUR of practicum, which I am taking this semester, otherwise the department has signed off on both), and am taking electives in my major/minor (they are JUST electives, not for the major/minor), I did not take the English Competency Exam (Again.. this semester), and after that I will still owe them FOUR credit hours.

Then I go onto the student portal to check my transcripts and that is blocked because I apparently owe the University library $171.00. EXCUSE ME? That I can figure out, I have three books that were due WHILE I WAS IN THE HOSPITAL that I just found. Even then it does not cost that much to replace three books! This is not helping! I know where the books are, but have not been able to hobble to the library.

I want to graduate and be done with the University. I was SO CLOSE! I have been attending this University off and on since 1997. I want to move on with my life, why won't they let me go? My academic advisor, myself and even some friends pored over my transcripts and everything else, and I DID NOT owe any extra credit hours, especially not FOUR!

I feel so lost now. What's the point of trying to graduate? They'll never take their claws out of me.
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Got a good headstart to NaNoWriMo: 6,137 words on the first day. Now I need to concentrate on finishing my Sci-Fi Big Bang.

I also closed the show and am still having communications problems with the theatre about doing a load-out. So much on my mind I got a full night's sleep last night and still had a migraine today. Luckily it disappeared during Fiction class, but it has made me feel blah all day.

My Dad, this morning, actually said to me "I would prefer you concentrating on school rather than starting another story," in reference to NaNoWriMo. It's true, I need to, but this is the first semester I have had real problems since going back to school. I am not going to let this happen. I can pass these classes, I must pass these classes.

I need an office. I need an office I can write in and study in. My own radio, no headphones, so I can move around, a comfy chair and a desk table I can spread out my textbooks and research books on. It doesn't always help to study on campus, too distracting and soul-sucking, and no real place to spread out at home. I am willing to take suggestions!

I hope everyone else is doing well.


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