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No, not that kind of help, help with my directing proposal for my theatre company. I won't be directing until later in the year, but they want the proposals by March 7th. This is for our monthly staged readings of t.v. episodes. I was talking with someone yesterday, and we did a science-fiction themed night last year, so I was leaning towards either "Outer Space" or "Law" shows. For the Outer Space theme, I was looking at an episode of "My Favorite Martian," "Firefly" (Maybe - I have never seen that show yet), and "Dcotor Who." Which Who episode (I was thinking Four or Five) could stand alone pretty well? Any thoughts on the other episodes or other shows? What about the "Law" one? "L.A. Law?" "T.J. Hooker?"

Also, we need to come up with a show that we can truncate to make a "Five-Minute Episode" of that show, to be performed by two people (who can do multiple roles and watch their heads spin!) Ideas?
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Just letting you lovely folks know some things I have been up to:

-Two more weekends of Theater of Souls at Village Players Theatre of Oak Park. IT's a pretty good show, and if you want to check it out, ask me and I have a promo code you can use for $10 (instead of $20) tickets.

-[ profile] knitchick1979 and I are doing this little Whoniverse Photoshoot around different locations in Chicago tomorrow. Check out the link and JOIN US!! You know you want to...

-I am still attempting to finish my Sci-Fi Big Bang. I feel like I am the last writer standing in this of the writers I know. So many problems and people have to keep dropping out. I am determined to finish Children Through Time and I could use the "rah-rahs." Oh, and by the way, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. Yeah... no sanity there...

-In the meantime I have a major Chemistry test on Tuesday. Yeesh! And now I need to run and take a World of Fiction test! Talk to you soon!

(Oh! And guess what? I will be delivering new fic to you guys by the beginning of next week. Whadja think about dat?)
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March 27 is World Theatre Day. Theatre has had an impact on more people's lives than they realize.

The annual address for World Theatre Day.

WTD Address!

Any way you can support the arts, I urge you to! What will you do for this day?

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T.V. reruns are back at The SPOT! Yep, those crazy ARFTCo people are delving into the world of love for February!

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