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Yanked this from [ profile] paxieamor. Just some tidbits from fanfic and original fic works in progress.

She stood up, grabbing his hand. “You are. You, Jack Harkness, are my father. I saw the tests Owen ran with my own eyes.”

Jack wrenched his hand away from her. “You’re delusional.”

“But you are! I don’t understand how, but you are.”

“Trust me kid, you don’t want me as a father.” He took a breath. “You would be much better off never knowing me.” Jack started walking towards the back door.

* * * * *

At the top of the stairs, suddenly stood a gangly, geeky looking 12-year-old boy. He was wearing crisp jeans and a Star Wars t-shirt, along with an anime baseball cap. Jenny didn’t recognize the series on the cap and didn’t care to. He ruffled his fingers through his hair and looked down on the three of them.

"'Sup," he said, acting all calm and collected.

"The police want to talk to," mommy dearest said, indicating Michael and Jenny. The woman's eyes flashed, and she looked ready to yell at her son for bringing the police anywhere near her house. Oh! What would the neighbors think?

Billy tromped down the stairs, nearly falling out of his undone sneakers. "I bet she's no police," he said, a smirk on his face.

Jenny pulled out a contented sigh and reached into the inner pocket on her coat. She pulled out her wallet and flipped it open to her military ID. "Jenny Ramirez, military intelligence," she said as she gave him a small smile, trying to breach his snarkiness. "Want to try that again kid?"

She could nearly see the boy's confidence melt down his body and out his feet, lying as a puddle of goo on the peach colored carpet. "It was all David's idea," he quickly said, eyes darting from Michael to Jenny. "He's the one who saw it land. It was pretty awesome to see though, and David was right—"

* * * * *

“What are you doing down here?” Owen asked, looking from her to the folder on her knees.

“I don’t need a reason to be down here,” Tosh replied, trying to look indignant.

“Sure you don’t,” Owen replied. “That’s why you look like a naughty schoolgirl?” He smirked at her. “You thought I was Ianto, didn’t you?”

* * * * *

“Perhaps I will,” Emily said coldly, wrenching Alice’s arm back even farther, making her immobile. “Your life is mine to do with. You agreed to that when you signed the contract,” she said, her soft lips brushing against Alice’s ear.

Alice suppressed the shudder that snaked along her body. “Then do it,” Alice whispered. “If you hate me so much to keep me working here in these conditions, kill me.” Alice felt chilled and it was from more than the cold, damp air that wound its way through the subterranean tunnels. She secretly hoped Emily would not kill her, but Alice felt confident that if she did it would be quick and merciful. That’s the only thing she ever hoped for in this life: a quick death.

* * * * *

“You’re tired and drunk, Ianto. Far be it from me to refuse to take advantage of someo—”

Ianto cut him off by crushing Jack’s lips with his own. Jack didn’t pull back, but then he found himself giving just as much as he had gotten and more. Hands encircling Ianto’s wrists, Jack wrestled him onto his back. Hovering over his love, Jack straddled Ianto’s hips. All he saw in Ianto’s eyes now was a hunger, a hunger Jack knew reflected off of him as well.

* * * * *

She took his arm in her small hands. He held on to her for support as he stood up, trying to calm down his breathing. A small blue-green stone punctured the flesh of his left foot. She bent down and retrieved the stone, pitching it off the mountainside. The stone which had been so sharp as to make him bleed did no damage to Sorel. She smiled up at him, and The Doctor couldn’t help but notice how the moonlight twinkled in her hazel eyes.

* * * * *

Charlie shook his head and pushed himself up off the couch. “You should keep them, but should I be worried why you are carrying them with your everyday keys?”

“Oh yes, I use your dump as my secret love nest so Ted doesn’t find out about Jose.”

“I thought threesomes were your thing,” Charlie stated as he headed down the hall to the kitchen.

“You should know,” Paul replied. “You never texted me that you came home last night so I grabbed them incase. I saw your car in your parking space, cursed you with a small penis, and then came up here,” Paul yelled down the hall at Charlie.

* * * * *

There was a silence that not even an Edgar Allen Poe pendulum would eventually cut. The writer scooted her chair back away from the fray, uttering a silent curse as it hit the desk moving a whopping six inches.

“Do you have a problem, Donna?” Rose asked. Placing her hands on her hips she looked Donna up and down.

“Maybe,” Donna haughtily replied folding her arms across her chest.

So? Whadja think?


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