Aug. 4th, 2010

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Jamie. Jamie, you’re scared - of course, you are. The last lot of chemo
didn't work and you can't bear the thought of going through all that pain again, and I
understand that, mate, I really do. But let me tell you that not everyone dies of this
disease, and the ones with the best chance of making it are the ones who believe that they
can beat death. And sometimes, just sometimes, you can.

Owen Harper, Dead Man Walking (Torchwood)

As some of you may or may not know I am participating in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life next Friday. Cancer has always been close to me. My Grandma Kubycheck died twenty years ago from cancer, she barely lasted three months from diagnosis to death. My Grandfather Kubycheck survived two heart attacks, three strokes, back surgery, no cartilage in his knees and it was the second form of cancer he got that did him in. My Dad is in remission from prostate cancer and skin cancer. My aunt's sister is a breast cancer survivor. My uncle is a skin cancer survivor. My godmother's husband is a survivor of esophagial cancer. My Mom's best friend, my "Aunt" Darlene died from cancer. I know it runs in my family and when I was admitted to the hospital in December and they talked of how high my white blood cell count was, I was terrified it was going to be more than the infection and renal failure, but "The BIG C".

1 in 4 people will be affected by cancer: that means for every hotel room at a con, one person in each room will be involved in the fight against cancer; at least one member of the Torchwood team would have had to deal with cancer; at least two members of the Weasley family would know the disease by name; in a University writing class of 20 people, five potential authors would have it hanging over their head.

I know I did not lj-cut this, and I would rather deal with my flist's wraith knowing the word was getting out. Those are sobering statistics, and I for one do not look forward to a future knowing one of my younger cousins will more than likely contract one of the forms of this disease. If only it were as easy as Owen made it seem to fight death by wrestling with it, I would gladly go one-on-one with cancer. (Sometimes don't you wish you could?)

You can support me at My Relay For Life Personal Page and you can also check out the page for Team GEEK.

If you need extra incentive, if you donate more than $20, I will do something for you - write story, make you a crocheted duckie (just ask [ profile] pinkfairy727), do a jaunty jig - and if you donate at least $10 to me, [ profile] knitchick1979 will put your name into the raffle for a pink knitted Dalek. (More info on the dalek can be found at her journal here.) Seeing an end to cancer is that important to us. We'll even take what you can scrounge up out of the couch in the Green Room.

Please spread the word about this!


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