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I want you, the readers, to help me figure out which series should get my attention first, and what you think would be up my alley, if the muses take the offering. Children Through Time is not on here since I am working on the final three books of the sequel for TARDIS Big-Bang.

[Poll #1550850]
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This is what you get for being friends with a writer - not just fanfic, but original fic (if you're lucky!). This is a story I am working on, and the section I am sharing with you today is a segment of Chapter 1. I am curious as to what you think about the characters.

The Journal - Chapter 1 )

So? Does it have hope for a life?
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I have a character from Torchwood that is making an appearance in Children Through Time.

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Yanked this from [ profile] paxieamor. Just some tidbits from fanfic and original fic works in progress.

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So? Whadja think?
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-Papers and projects for courses!
-My short story for Big Finish
-TARDIS Big Bang
-Finish off the Kama Sumatra series
-Finish writing The Lady in Green and Princess
-Torchwood Lucky 7 (If you have not, you need to check out [ profile] tw_lucky_7)
-Original Fiction book The Journal, but who wants to read that?
-A story adaptation for National Tell A Fairytale Day on February 26th

I have a lot on my plate and more plotbunnies than are needed to populate the imagination of a small country. Someday soon I should be going back to the day job, but I want to do this for a living, I have stories to tell. *Sigh* WHy does it never feel like there is enough time in the days?
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Title: And the Writer Went hubahawha...
Series: Torchwood
Characters: Gwen, Jack, Owen, Tosh, Ianto
Rating: G
Word Count: 100
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I do not own Torchwood or the characters therein, they belong to the BBC and RTD. Any original characters and places are my property.
Author's Notes: Another entry in the Writer!Fic series. Enjoy! I also hope the writer I mentioned doesn't mind.

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Or whatever you would call this - prioritizing?

Just so people know, I will be finishing The Lady in Green and also Kama Sumatra, so do not fear. I also have two more Lost Archives stories in the works. Lost Archives was always seen as individual stories, all under the same header, beginning with the same area of The Hub, rather than a serialized story, so eventually you will see 26 stories. Right now Lost Archives sits at 7 stories. I am working on a new chapter fic, borrowing a character from another author's universe, and they know about and have given their blessing. (Yeah!) That will be posted when the fic is done.

In the meantime I need to work on my original fiction and my original spin-off fiction, so hopefully, someday soon, you may see my name when you walk past the windows of Barnes and Nobles, or Borders, or something similar. I am working on an original piece of fiction that was inspired by a flippant comment from the director at las night's theatre rehearsal.

On to two other bits of business. Two stories I started over a year ago, Out of the Rift, and Princess. Out of the Rift has thirteen chapters written, not all of them were posted I believe. These were my first time back in a bit to writing and fanfic. Both have been plotted out, and I know where the story is going, but... With Out of the Rift I can tell my writing has improved. I know there are also elements I tried out in both stories that I have used successfully in other stories, so they were not for naught. The question is, would you people be interested in reading them if I finish them? Would you be interested in me finishing them, or should I continue to work on and finish my other stories?

Also, curious here... So far what is your favorite story and/or series? And why?
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Yeah! After about to weeks of being dry and the muses saying inappropriate phrases to me (and not even the fun kind of inappropriateness!) I got some headway on Children Through Time. That is a good thing I believe.

Okay, I have a question, but I am putting it behind the cut for those of you people who have not read Children in Time. So look on if you have, or if you don't care about spoilers.

Timey Wimey Pretzel Thingy - Could Be Dangerous! )
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After all is said and done, I am proud of the story I came up with. So much so, I used my real name, thusly why it is listed under Carole B. instead of huskyfriends. You can find it here: Children in Time

I do want to thank some people for their help in taming this story the size of space whale. [ profile] avon_09 was an awesome beta. Not many people could survive getting 30,000 words dumped into their lap at a time and not bat an eye. Thank you so much!

[ profile] erin_giles for cheering me on and for being my Brit Consultant. Your knowledge helped so much. Can I buy you a pint?

[ profile] knitchick1979 for the copy editing, the soft head to bounce ideas off of, and the many late night car rides and text messages.

[ profile] chicago_girl_07 for being a great alpha and for waving those pom-poms high.

[ profile] laura_guerin for the most awesome cover art. It blew me away and made me squee in the Starbucks.

And to Johnny Venom who kept giving me reality checks (Sleep is essential) and for providing last minute translations.

I thank everyone who supports writers in general. And now my advert for a couple of other authors. [ profile] knitchick1979 has a story as part of TARDIS Big Bang also. Check out Kiss Her Goodbye. And we cannot forget [ profile] erin_giles and her mafioso-style masterpiece Damsels in Distress.

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In case you were wondering, after all was said and edited, my word count on my computer for Children in Time came in at 83,916. I cannot wait to see the artwork!! But I did it! I wrote a novel with a complete beginning, middle, and end. This feels awesome, and my brian is NOT a pile of gelatinous goo resembling rat jam!
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So, it has been a weird couple of days. Got my TARDIS Big-Bang rough draft in. Unfortunately I needed to add in plot notes because it still needs to be finished. Word count for the story alone? 35,441 words and in the plot notes gives me 37,313.

Now my life needs to take back over again. I have a American Cancer Society Relay For Life team to get donations for and finals next week. Plus a monthly show next week and I am working my first ACEN. Quick pointer: If you ever want to make new friends, even at an Anime Con, carry around a knitted Dalek and see how may people squee and come over to you and "Oh My God!" And then watch them dies as you offer a real, honest to God Jelly Babie. (I love my little shops! Jelly Babies, Crunchie bars, Irn-Bru and Scottish bangers, and black pudding!) Hee-hee-hee.

Add to that that I got into a car accident this morning at a major intersection. SO far I am good, but I did bounce my head against the headrest. It could have been worse. I was on a six-lane highway, intersecting a five lane highway. If there had been cars coming when she bumped forward into the intersection... lucky I only have to replace my bumper and maybe a bit of the back end. Court date for the woman's ticket is in June, and hopefully it will be good. The cop seemed a little wary about the name of her insurance company.

Back to my so-called life... Anyone want to hire me just to write for them?


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