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Chicago area meetups )
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I know... I know... I am a little late with this, but things took off and we had some fun cosplayers and awesome times, so I finally give you...

ACEN 2010
(and this is with limited camera availability due to film and battery fail)
NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY! (You have been warned.)

Don't make me send Jackie Tyler after you!

Through the haunted halls of ACEN the Thirteenth... )
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...Another show )

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Well, at least 1574... )

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What happens when the Fourth Doctor starts to strip? )
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And now you shall all see my photos from the photoshoot [ profile] knitchick1979 and I hosted in the Chicagoland area a couple of weeks ago. I was using a FILM camera and was trying to do some set-ups, keep people corralled and manage the shoot, so I did not get as many as the pro did. For those, check out The Enthusiasts (Who are quite awesome.).

Here you will find my photos, not in any specific order, but rather grouped by category. This is NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY. I repeat, NOT DIAL-UP FRIENDLY, but should be fine for viewing in the library (especially some of them!) So, until then...

EXTRA! EXTRA! A group of time travelers spotted in the Second City!
Time Travelers - newspaper photo

I hear the TARDIS! )

You were warned.
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Okay, still learning the whole LJ thing exactly, so I am cutting to the chase and just uploaded the icons to my gallery, but you can save them from here. Obviously this many pics will be under the tag, and one of my "comics" for some fun. Feel free to comment, and if you snag, let me know!

So many pretty pictures )


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